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"The People Who Brought Rdphax to Life"

"Quiet Storm" founded Rdphax International in the city of Long Beach, California in early 2019. Storm has traveled halfway around the world in sports and gathered a wide scope of creative insight from his travels. Born to create and adapt, he is also a former "Slam Dunk" Champion, Spoken-Word/Hip Hop Poet, Writer of books and screen plays. Designer and professional sports model among other talents.

Who are we? Quiet Storm (California) and JD and Renee (Australia). After deciding that we were tired of doing the "9 to 5" thing, we came up with a plan to collectively use our time, efforts and energies for OURSELVES. All we want to do is create. We hope you enjoy all of the well-seasoned things we cook up in our creation laboratory with YOU in mind......

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Shawn "Quiet Storm" Williams founded Bakari Underground in the city of Long Beach, California early 2009. Shawn is world traveled. He is also a "Spoken-Word Poet, Hip-Hop Artist, a Screen and book Writer, and he has even done professional sports modeling.



Renee is an artist and designer from Australia. She brings with her a unique artistic skill that made her stand out among many. Her creative input helps bring balance to our eclectic brand.



We’re so lucky to have J.D. as part of our team.  He is a "Master Builder" and Inventor. From day one, we knew we made an excellent decision partnering up with him because like Rdphax's Creator, he brings his own unique style which makes him fit right in with the rest of us

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